Featured Review – Singh Saab

Hello from Zephop! This week we feature Singh Saab, who have brought Punjabi cuisine, the flavours and liveliness that we all love the Punjabis for and partnered with the Zephop team to bring you lots of free rewards, exciting deals and special events and offers. Take it from us, you’ll go here once and you’ll keep going back.

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Singh Saab will always make me think of long drive nights along dark highways and those twinkly lights of midway dhabas, which, along with mouth-watering food and the presence of the one tall, huge Sardar, will contribute to the making of the best memories. But, back to Mumbai. You won’t have to drive out to some highway, this restaurant is conveniently located in Chembur. And they also have free wifi. And valet parking… I’m loving the overall experience already and I haven’t even come to food. We do love places that give us the whole deal.

The menu is standard fare, with some highlights. One hardly needs any pointers for North Indian and Punjabi cuisines as we all have our personal favourites. Believe me, the debates around a Pasanda and a Lavabdar can get pretty serious for foodies. But here, do try their volcano rice and Chicken Darbari. You could use some Zephop points to redeem free dishes like Burnt Garlic Chicken Fried Rice. Word has it that on some special days they serve the Calcutta paan ice cream. Hmmm, go and find out what days those are please?

Remember the dishes I told you about, and go try some of them out. Sign up to Zephop at www.zephop.com/signup to make the most of your spend. These guys are really interested in their customer engagement and marketing and are keen to bring the best to you. So let us know what you think in the Comments section below!

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