Featured Review – Satkar

Hi there, from Zephop! This week we are talking about Satkar. Now, a lot of people were disappointed when a previous outlet of this restaurant was shut. But, fear not, true to their brand value and loyalty to their customers, they have come back with a super yum menu and great service. They prove that by coming on board with Zephop, they are going for customer delight and care about their loyalty as well.

So why these guys? Well really, why not? Positioned well for attracting students and professionals alike, Satkar is a great spot with budget-friendly food and drinks on offer. Take a look at this, for instance… drool!


Now that it is getting into summers proper, there is a lot of joy in the simplicity of good vegetarian food. You can get Zephop points when you order an Onion Rawa Dosa, which we thought was very tasty. When you have points to redeem, you can use them to get a Paneer Schezwan Dosa or a Mexican Dosa, maybe. You could try a tasty Grilled Sandwich or for a fuller option, go for the Mushroom Fried Rice or the Manchow Noodles.

The ambience of this place goes with the food, it does what it says on the tin. The service enchants and overall, it is a great place to go either with friends, or family, or even colleagues. Because of its location, the latter seems to be a popular choice with people. You can book a table here for free too.

We hope this has sold Satkar to you. If you decide to choose this place for your next meal, tell us about it in the Comments section? Oh, and don’t forget to sign up to Zephop to get those deals. Until next time, have a great time dining!

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