What’s New on Zephop – May 2016

Temperatures are soaring! It is May, after all. It is getting too hot to handle here at Zephop as well. The Zephop team has been joined by our first intern on our Business Development Internship, the first of many bright jazzy individuals who are pumped about being a part of Zephop’s growth story. As always, here’s a sneak peek into our Discover page.

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Arabian Chillies – Apart from the fairly usual Chinese and Mughlai cuisines, these people have on their menu Lebanese! There is some joy in a fulfilling shawarma and some cracking hummus on the side, we say.

Cafe Istaa – This is from Zephop to our veggie friends. With temperatures soaring higher, why not indulge in the simplicity of a vegetarian fare by redeeming some Zephop points for some fabulous starters and main courses.

Cake Cellar – Oh, another bakery, which means more sugar cravings laid to rest. More cupcakes, cookies, and yum baked products – this one-woman new in town show has it all covered! We are working closely with them to get the best rewards up soon.

Centre Point (Jersey9 & Exotica) – Want to watch the sport of the night being screened? But maybe have a quieter spot with friends after? Centre Point packs a two-in-one combo, so why not head here when you can’t quite make up your mind? Great ambience, good food, fab service – what’s not to love, we say?!

Lemongrass – We loved the Chinese options on offer. The food is excellent, and it is one of those places where you do not need to think long and hard about what you want. The menu does what it says on the tin, good comfort food!

Pancharatna – This place has been around for a while, but a recent revamp means that it is now superbly done up and is an excellent choice for eating out with friends and family alike. Whether you are after a solid biryani or just some yummy noodles, this is home! For a more detailed review, watch out for our Featured Post.

Urban Tapri – Small and packs a punch. This place has managed to get the home cooked taste at perfection! To get some Zephop points and feast on a huge and ingenious selection, take a look on our Discover page to Connect with them!

Zenzibu Orientals – What does one do before you head to watch an IMAX movie? Eat some Chinese, of course! If you’re at the movies at Wadala, this should be your go-to place. Try their crispy honey chicken, or the chicken satay.

Zaika – We like to think of this as the post-early dinner cravings place! Great veggie food, like their paneer pulao, to go with some yum gravies make for a super meal at Zaika.

Have you been to any of these places, tried our recommendations? Let us know what you thought…

If you’ve joined us from elsewhere on the vastness of the web, sign up at zephop.com/signup to get free rewards at your nearest restaurant, cafe, pub, or lounge.

Until next month, cheers!

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