Featured Review – Cafe Istaa

There’s a famous saying that “Big things come in small packages.” This is especially true for our latest business-on-board, Cafe Istaa. A small place that packs a punch, with great food, great service, and an awesome ambience. This is a business that cares about the likes and wants of its customers and so, have partnered with us here at Zephop to bring the best rewards to customers.

The cafe has a relaxing, calm and quiet atmosphere. It is perfect to go to in a big group with your friends for a catch up during your summer break. There’s seating both indoors as well as outdoors, for those breezy evenings, that you can spend relaxing on the artificial green carpet. With the fountain thrown in for good measure, it is perfection.


Why not try the Paneer Tikka Sandwich or the Mumbai Grilled Sandwich? We hear that their Cheesy Fries are epic too – buttery , crispy, cheesy and full of perfect flavours and herbs. And then use your Zephop points to redeem against some delicious rewards, like Nachos with Salsa or a Margherita pizza. The palette of taste and colours are delicately balanced, we love the chef!

A delightful little addition is their baked goodies cabinet. Full of yummy things to die for – this has a selection of snacks – pastries, puffs, cakes, which are regularly updated. Located just opposite SIES college, it is an ideal hangout spot to get to.

Everything that Cafe Istaa is doing, we have thoroughly enjoyed. They are invested and excited about being a part of the Zephop story, so when you go there, try out some of our recommendations, redeem some rewards, show them some love, and don’t forget to have a fabulous time! Let us know what you think in the Comments section below. Till next time, eat well!

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