What’s New on Zephop – December 2016

As part of a roundup of the year, the team at Zephop would like to thank all our dedicated readers for your lovely comments on this blog.

The Design, Content & Marketing function at Zephop exists to build a brand around the idea that we are passionate about. In our first full calendar year of operations as a team, we executed many plans that we had on our to-do list and ran with many initiatives that seemed appropriate to ‘kick off’ when a certain situation demanded.

From running coordinated, multi-location campaigns on social media to the birth of this blog to training interns on marketing initiatives, it feels like we have achieved a lot and yet we have only scratched the surface of the sea of possibilities. Coming up with our own designs for collateral and rehashing them regularly to ensure we remain ahead at the game has been a learning curve for us. As has constantly delivering the balance of cost, speed, quality. That too!

At Zephop, we have always believed that if you are not swamped with work and stretched to the limits, something is wrong. Each co-founder leads their stream with the same passion and obsession. And so far, it has been SO good!

So, for 2017, we will continue to do the things we have done well this year, and keep coming up with new ideas, initiatives, and hare-brained schemes. Because, if we don’t stir the pot, who will? Best wishes to all and their family and friends over the festive period. See you next year!


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