What’s New on Zephop – June 2017 (Dine Edition)

We presented to you a great list of cafés and lounges to chill at, now let’s get a little formal! What about dinner? We all need to escape to a nice and relaxed evening every once in a while. Hence, we at Zephop went on a hunt to present you with the best package of places to dine-in at!

1) G4 Namas – With interesting interiors and the friendliest staff, G4 Namas gives you not only delicious dishes, but also has a really great rooftop Sheesha bar. They have a wide variety of yummy dishes; don’t forget to try the Paneer Chilly! It’s one of our favorites!

2) Rustico – The deal with Rustico is that, foodgasm starts from the very first sip of soup, bites of their yummy starters, and the mouth-watering desserts! With a live sheesha bar, and good music to tap your feet to, Rustico has it all!

3) Varandah 11 – Looking for a scintillating experience? We present you with a classic restaurant with a promising variety of delicious dishes. North Indian, Italian, or Mexican – name it and they’ve got it! Don’t forget to try their lovely desserts as well. Cookie Monster is definitely one of our favorites.

4) Ticca Tikka – Fantastic and quirky interiors will steal your eyes away from all else. However, the food is even more stunning. With a great variety of drinks, and and the most yummy-est list of starters and main dishes – it’s hard not to love this place!

5) Time and Again – Amazing atmosphere, delicious meals, and unbelievable hospitality – will take your breath away! With a bar as well, it is a perfect destination for a lovely family dinner.

We loved all the restaurants that we visited and partnered with the past month! Share your experiences and thoughts on the comments below! Loved their food and drinks? Send your pictures to our Instagram account to get featured! Until next time, keep hogging!

What’s New on Zephop – May 2017

With the sun shining above and summer officially here , it’s the best time to beat the heat with some delicious food and some quality time with friends and family! Desperately looking for some amazing restaurants/salons to explore? Don’t worry; we at Zephop have got you covered.

The Lab – Step into the world of Science and Food! An experience on it’s own, The Lab offers you with the most delicious food. Head over here, to have a bit of fun with food!

Ustadi – Are you in the mood to try something new? You’ve come to the best Mughlai restaurant in town! Known for its ambience, Ustadi gives you an experience like none other. Great ambience, fantastic food, and the friendliest staff – what’s not to love, all in one?!

Grills & Woks – Is your mouth drooling for some beautiful Chinese or Asian food? You’ve come to the right place. Visit Grills & Wok for authentic Asian dishes like the Spring Roll or even the Thai Fried Rice.

Desserts “R” Us – Sweet, Sweet, Sweet all the way! You name it and they have it – Cakes, Cupcakes, Muffins, Pies, Tarts and I could keep going on and on. With such a huge variety of desserts, it’s the epitome of yumminess!

Micasa Salon & Spa – With the temperature soaring outside, how about a relaxing body massage, a refreshing facial and maybe even a summer haircut! It’s always good to treat yourself, especially during summer.  Go to Micasa for a lovely evening of pampering yourself. Be the queen/king of your world!

Have you been to any of theses places, or tried our recommendations? Please comment in the section below and let us know what you thought.

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Until next time, happy travels!

Featured Review – Uba Tuba

We hope everyone had a fantastic Holi & Easter. This week we feature Uba Tuba, in Bandra West, boys and girls! While researching Uba Tuba, the resident blogger at Zephop started reading up on Mexican cuisine. As you do. Did you know that, in 2010, traditional Mexican cuisine was inscribed on the Representative List of the ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity’ by UNESCO? Honest!


‘Traditional Mexican cuisine is a comprehensive cultural model comprising farming, ritual practices, age-old skills, culinary techniques and ancestral community customs and manners’. So when we get the craving for that kick of salsa or that warm feeling from a good enchilada, we are paying tribute to one of the oldest farming and culinary communities of the world. And as we know, they took all that time and got it oh-so-right!

Head to Bandra West to grab some Mexican at one of Zephop’s newest friends! Whether you have a soft spot for tacos or fajitas, quesadillas or good ol’ burritos, Uba Tuba has got an extensive menu to engage their customers and leave them delighted… and stuffed. Almost all of their offerings can be customised – more salsa less cream or more spicy… you get the drift. We enjoy places that allow us to do that, getting a word in to have that perfect meal is essential. Word has it that if you ask the staff to whip up something just for you, they will! I’ve sold it now, haven’t I?

Use your Zephop points to redeem rewards when you visit. We want to pick what to recommend, but whatever we’ve tried has been yum. So now that you’re back from your holidays and regular life has taken over full swing, why not treat yourself and your friends to a special night out? Or a night in, these guys deliver within 45 mins and you can get your Zephop points when you say ‘Zephop’ when you order! Tell us what you ordered, and what you thought… cheers, folks!