Spotlight – Zephop Internship Experience Series 3

Sadia Mahmood, NMIMS MBA Candidate 2017 – 19 talks about her experience of working with Zephop as a Business Development Associate, summer 2018

Summer Internship is one of the most important aspects of a management program. It teaches us the practical application of our classroom learning in a real world scenario. A good summer internship provides an opportunity to develop knowledge, competencies, and experience related directly to your career goals. It becomes even more important for MBA students like me who have had no prior exposure to the corporate world. With these thoughts in mind, I started applying for my summer internship after ten months into the MBA program. This is when I came across Zephop’s Full time Business Development Associate profile and applied for it. After a gruelling interview with one of the co-founders himself, I was selected for the internship.

In these two months at Zephop, I had a wholesome learning experience. As a Business Development Associate, I was responsible for the end-to-end onboarding of businesses on the Zephop platform. After an orientation session with one of the co founders, I was given the autonomy to plan my own visits and schedule with the sole aim of expanding the business. This internship helped me interact with different people and increased my confidence. Apart from that, I gained a lot of insights about the industry I worked in and made some crucial decisions based on my judgement. With the co founders always available to help at all points in time, the experience couldn’t have been more fulfilling.

zephop summer internship mumbai

(Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash)

Zephop gave me an opportunity to be mentored directly by the leadership of the organisation. This could not have been provided anywhere but a budding startup. My journey at Zephop was full of new challenges but the guidance and support provided at every turn made it an enriching experience. I had a great time working with Zephop and am grateful to their team for offering this opportunity to me.

Spotlight – Zephop Internship Experience Series 2

Aayush Vats, NMIMS MBA Candidate 2017 – 19 talks about his experience of working with Zephop as a Business Development Associate, summer 2018

Summer Internship!!! This usually marks the end of a super hectic calendar year which lasts about 10 months in the life of a first-year MBA student. But time flies by so fast that it seems like it was only yesterday that it all began for me. Having said that, this internship actually requires everyone on it to get a practical experience of how things work in the real world and apply our classroom learning. I’ll explain how.

Having worked in a corporate setup in the IT industry after my graduation, I was eager to dive into a completely new domain to challenge myself. That’s why when I came across the Zephop Business Development full-time Summer Internship, I knew it in my heart that this was exactly the kind of company I wanted to work with. Zephop has the spirit of a tech startup and is a young and dynamic company which is looking to expand its business and that proposition sounded extremely exciting to me.

zephop summer internship

(Photo by Charles Koh on Unsplash)

After successfully clearing an interview with one of the Co-Founders, I was offered the role of a Business Development Associate where I was responsible for the end-to-end onboarding of new businesses on to the Zephop platform along with getting involved with some aspects of customer engagement. After a few sessions of onboarding with the team, we were left on our own to try and expand the business. One gets a lot of autonomy in the team, but help is available to constantly support and motivate to overcome any challenging interactions with ease. From coordinating with people from different backgrounds to actually working with them in complete synchronization to help scale a business model, I was a part of all this and more, which was indeed a very rewarding experience.

Being a part of the Zephop team has been a challenging yet extremely enriching experience for me. I picked up the nuances of working in a fast-paced  startup environment, achieved organization goals with the assistance of a great mentorship program and made some critical calls from a position of responsibility. I am grateful to Zephop for providing me with this wonderful opportunity and I shall forever cherish my experience.

Spotlight – Zephop Internship Experience 1

Kena Kothari, NMIMS MBA Candidate 2016 – 18 talks about her experience of working with Zephop as a Business Development Associate, summer 2017

In any Management programme, an Internship is one of the most important aspects of the learning process. It helps students prepare for the real world, and it was especially important for someone like me, as I had never been exposed to the corporate world before. With that in mind I applied for the Zephop Business Development full-time Summer Internship late last year. I was selected after clearing two rounds of interviews.

(Photo by Olu Eletu on Unsplash)

This summer, I have gained a lot of real-world experience. I would never have gotten that while sitting in the closed doors of a classroom. The first day was a training and induction session and it was fantastic being trained directly by the innovators themselves. Working as a Business Development Associate helped me meet people from different walks of life in different situations and taught me how to work in harmony with them.

I was primarily responsible for the end-to-end process of onboarding businesses. The entire internship process was extremely seamless due to an efficient network system and with all the co-founders being just a call away. This helped me get over any hurdles without getting stuck for a long time. It taught me not to take things personally, and that facing rejection and learning from it is an important part of my professional development. Finally, I learnt the importance of generating loyalty amongst people by building a connection with the customers.

During my internship period of two months, I also learnt the value of team dynamics and goals. It helped me understand how businesses work and how to cope with real problems and situations. In a startup environment, there was an opportunity to learn about multiple areas of the business.

I had a great time working for Zephop and highly recommend working with a tech startup. This is the best way to learn about how the world is being revolutionised by technology and how businesses can harness it to become more customer-centric.

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