What’s New on Zephop – June 2017 (Lounge Edition)

With the weekend around the corner, partying and clubbing will be the only thing in your minds! Hence, we at Zephop have got more and more options where you can go have fun, and win exciting offers at the same time! Sounds exciting enough, you’ll be too happy when you hear of these new places! Get ready to party!

  1. Door No. 1 – A small space, decorated in attempt to create a very relaxed feel, Door no 1 is a favourite amongst many individuals. With a lovely ambience, the best music, and amaze-licious food – what is there not to be happy about?
  2. Almond Flower – Situated in Oshiwara, this is a place known for its rooftop setting and of course the mouth-watering food. With quirky interiors, Almond Flower knows how to steal your heart with its lip-smacking appetizers and of course a great spread of alcohol!
  3. Acqua Caelum – As interesting as the name sounds, their rooftop ambience is even more beautiful! A summer night is the perfect addition to the rooftop, of course. With friendly staff and yummy food – you’re destined to have a great time!
  4. Fingers Cross – With an outdoor and an indoor seating, the place is known for its delicious and excellent sizzler preparation. With friendly staff, yummy food, and a nice ambience – what more are you looking for?
  5. Backstage Café – With such a catchy name, it’s hard not to like the place already! With amazing interiors and a great dance floor in the night – your night life is basically summed up right here! Don’t miss out on great food and great ways to let loose, of course!
  6. Hymus – Comfortable ambience, amazing drinks, delicious food and a live bar! If you are not jumping of your seats now, then PLEASE DO! Check out some yummy food, and catch up with the live band performance!

Already excited and can’t wait to dress up and head out? Now is your chance! Have a great evening and tell us all about your experience in the comments below!

Until then, party away!

Featured Review – Anonymous Cafe Bar

Any place that is called ‘Cafe’ & ‘Bar’ has already won, right? Anonymous made us think of ‘V’, from V for Vendetta (must watch if you haven’t), but the resident blogger digresses. Where were we? Ahhh… Pune, Pune the city of a million dreams and a thousand smiles, and hundreds of outstanding places to eat out at.

Anonymous Cafe Bar has a large rooftop space in the Cerebrum building of Kalyani Nagar. It is split into a cozy enclosure and a larger alfresco with a part higher seating on one end and a stage on the other end.The rooftop bar out in the open has a very boho-chic feel. You can eat, drink and dance in the open, which is liberating! The ambience overlooking the city from the 8th floor is perfect – whether for a summertime dinner or an afternoon brunch in the shade. I mean, come on, look at this version of Nachos with Cheese Sauce.


The food at Anonymous is delicious, the service is known to be prompt, and the ambience is terrific. All ingredients for a visit spent well! If I were you, I’d go and spend some money on drinks to get Zephop points, and then I’d order the Paneer Tikka Starter, stick to a good ol’ non-veg Kabsa rice, and totally dig in to the Blueberry Cheesecake for my dessert. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that is the way to redeem those Zephop points. Thank me later!

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What’s New on Zephop – July 2016

new on zephop

Here at Zephop, we believe in getting bigger and better – real quick. The resident blogger is proud to announce that Zephop is at 25+ new, fun, awesome locations in Pune. Our team at Pune has worked tirelessly over the past month to bring to customers the best deals, rewards, and freebies. Why not check out the Discover page to see where you hit this weekend?


What’s New on Zephop – May 2016

Temperatures are soaring! It is May, after all. It is getting too hot to handle here at Zephop as well. The Zephop team has been joined by our first intern on our Business Development Internship, the first of many bright jazzy individuals who are pumped about being a part of Zephop’s growth story. As always, here’s a sneak peek into our Discover page.

new on zephop-2


Arabian Chillies – Apart from the fairly usual Chinese and Mughlai cuisines, these people have on their menu Lebanese! There is some joy in a fulfilling shawarma and some cracking hummus on the side, we say.

Cafe Istaa – This is from Zephop to our veggie friends. With temperatures soaring higher, why not indulge in the simplicity of a vegetarian fare by redeeming some Zephop points for some fabulous starters and main courses.

Cake Cellar – Oh, another bakery, which means more sugar cravings laid to rest. More cupcakes, cookies, and yum baked products – this one-woman new in town show has it all covered! We are working closely with them to get the best rewards up soon.

Centre Point (Jersey9 & Exotica) – Want to watch the sport of the night being screened? But maybe have a quieter spot with friends after? Centre Point packs a two-in-one combo, so why not head here when you can’t quite make up your mind? Great ambience, good food, fab service – what’s not to love, we say?!

Lemongrass – We loved the Chinese options on offer. The food is excellent, and it is one of those places where you do not need to think long and hard about what you want. The menu does what it says on the tin, good comfort food!

Pancharatna – This place has been around for a while, but a recent revamp means that it is now superbly done up and is an excellent choice for eating out with friends and family alike. Whether you are after a solid biryani or just some yummy noodles, this is home! For a more detailed review, watch out for our Featured Post.

Urban Tapri – Small and packs a punch. This place has managed to get the home cooked taste at perfection! To get some Zephop points and feast on a huge and ingenious selection, take a look on our Discover page to Connect with them!

Zenzibu Orientals – What does one do before you head to watch an IMAX movie? Eat some Chinese, of course! If you’re at the movies at Wadala, this should be your go-to place. Try their crispy honey chicken, or the chicken satay.

Zaika – We like to think of this as the post-early dinner cravings place! Great veggie food, like their paneer pulao, to go with some yum gravies make for a super meal at Zaika.

Have you been to any of these places, tried our recommendations? Let us know what you thought…

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Until next month, cheers!

Featured Review – Kook

Happy Monday, everyone! We’ve been a bit quiet here at Zephop lately, but there’s been a lot going on in the background. It will all be revealed in good time, but for now, we wanted to talk about a new business that the team onboarded recently – Kook. Kook has opened up in Chembur only a few weeks ago, and with a menu filled with some terrific mouth-watering dishes, it looks like this is the place to try out.

The food comes highly recommended, from the Tandoor starters to the Chinese main courses, dishes are packed with flavour and are very good value for money. With facilities like free Wifi and live sports being screened, we think that you might enjoy this place as much with family or friends!

I’ll start with a Pad Thai Noodle Dish, drooooool…


The Kook team is all about the customer engagement. They’ve put up some truly delectable items that you can get as free rewards upon redeeming your Zephop points. I could recommend… but do I really have to try and choose between a Nizami Mutton Roll or a Lasooni Chicken Tikka? Maybe just the Kasmiri Dum Aloo then? All of those for free when you’re signed up with Zephop.

Kook has a brilliant ambience but if you wanted to have a quiet one then we also love that there’s a delivery menu with a variety of dishes to choose from. And of course, you can get those points even when you get food delivered – just say Zephop when you place your order!

Featured Review – Spice Kitchen

Hello from us here at Zephop! Here we will explore why we partner with the businesses we do. We’ll talk about the most exciting deals and special events and offers that will excite you. Today we are talking about Spice Kitchen.

Spice Kitchen was one of our first onboarded businesses. They were very keen to partner with us to engage with their customer better and to increase their offering based on need and desire.

We love how budget-friendly this place is! Two people can comfortably dine for ₹500 to ₹700. And where else these days can you have a Murg Kullar Biriyani for ₹270 only!? Super love. Located in Chembur’s cool hangout spot, the ambience is great to go with the yum dishes.

Free rewards that can be redeemed for Zephop points include a whole range of delicious snacks, drinks, main courses, and even combos. You can get deals for as little as 500 points and if you wanted to save up for a special treat, we do like the idea of ‘Tandoori Bharwan Aloo’ or ‘Aagri Chicken Handi’. Hmmm, this is making me very hungry!

You can book a table here for free and catch sports live on their LCD screens. The menu includes Indian and Chinese dishes, but don’t think that’s limiting, because really, the strength here is the Biriyanis!

We hope this has sold Spice Kitchen to you. If you decide to choose this place for your next meal, tell us about it? Oh, and don’t forget to sign up to Zephop to get those deals. Until next time, cheers!