What’s New on Zephop – September 2016

We’re loving this weather – it is perfect for romanticising over a cup of coffee and a little something sweet at a cozy cafe. At the same time, it is also the best kind of weather for a big hearty meal. Bring on the cheese and the curry!


AFK – The perfect place to hit if you are hankering for a taste of the famed Pune nightlife. Offering a combination of events like Karaoke Tuesdays and also some great selections for live music, it is a great place to go with your dancing shoes on!

Aufside – What is not to love about a fantastic sports bar? Whether you’re a cricket fan, or want to watch the latest F1, this is a great place to go for dome delicious pub food.

Cafe Shades and Shadows – Free Wi-Fi combined with killer hot chocolates makes a win! It’s also open till 11:30 pm so it is ideal if you need a late night caffeine kick.

Chit Chat Corner – Pune’s popular space for veggies. Great ambience, good food, fab service – what’s not to love, all in one?!

Dreamcatchers – Food and live music lovers to head here please. A highlight is that this is a pet-friendly place, so furry friends welcome too! Time to try out some of those dishes and redeem some Zephop points.

Eatalio’s – Quick bites will be the highlights of your visit. Head over here to grab some delectable dishes like Exotica Sandwich or even the Mix Sauce Pasta.

Have you been to any of these places or tried our recommendations? Let us know what you thought…

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Until next month, cheers!

Featured Review – 121 Kitchen BarBQ

You’ve been privy to our latest news of launch in Pune, yes? We’re super pumped about this. This week we take a peek at 121 Kitchen BarBQ, which is a multi-cuisine restaurant based in Wakad, Pune. Punekars will vouch for its amazing nightlife and fantastic vibe, and the Zephop team agrees.

This place ticks all the boxes for us – from having an open air area to a great menu for home delivery. Discover the best of both local Pune favourites as well as Oriental choices in a laid back and relaxed ambience. Buffet is served in the open area at the back, and the options are delectable.


Try their Nasi Goreng, Kakori Kabab and Murg Bambaiya and tell us what you think. We also get to bring to you the yummiest starters to go with your drinks. Redeem your Zephop points for dishes like Spicy Chicken Wings or the Kung Pao Paneer. Of course, for that group of all your favourite people, what better than redeeming points for a Heineken / Draught Pitcher?

With live sports screenings, occasional live music, welcoming staff and yummy dishes to try, you must try 121 Kitchen BarBQ out soon.The food is always flavoursome and well presented. This is also the place you want to go to when you are in the mood for a few drinks and long This place has a special appeal, and its popularity is soaring, which means we are very excited that they have chosen to partner with us here at Zephop.

Remember the dishes we told you about, and go try some of them out. These guys are really interested in their customer engagement and marketing and are keen to bring the best to you. So let us know what you think in the Comments section below. Till next time, eat well!

What’s New on Zephop – July 2016

new on zephop

Here at Zephop, we believe in getting bigger and better – real quick. The resident blogger is proud to announce that Zephop is at 25+ new, fun, awesome locations in Pune. Our team at Pune has worked tirelessly over the past month to bring to customers the best deals, rewards, and freebies. Why not check out the Discover page to see where you hit this weekend?